1-year anniversary of the Red Cross Strike

One year ago, we held a big rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto and our home and community care personal support workers (PSWs) from Red Cross went out on strike.

The strike was scary and it lasted until Chrismas Eve. It was a brutal winter and our members sure felt that out on the picket lines.

Eventually, together with your support, we changed history. It’s been a big year.

Premier Wynne asked for a meeting with SEIU Healthcare PSWs who had gone on strike. Then the labour movement helped stop Hudak from winning the June election.

We won a $16.50/hour PSW minimum wage by 2017, and a $4/hour raise for over 30,000 PSWs over three years.

This is what we like to call “purple power.” When we show solidarity, when we act on the issues that affect healthcare workers, we can accomplish things that seem impossible.

Politics matter. Let’s continue to fight for workers through the political system, at the ballot box and beyond.

Every day we think of those who went out on strike to stand up for justice for PSWs last year.

Thank you for supporting PSWs.

In solidarity and wishing you very happy holidays,

Sharleen Stewart
President, SEIU Healthcare

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