"All those burgers, all those fries..."

Fight_for_15.jpg“We want wages supersized!” That was just one of our many chants last April 15 when SEIU Healthcare joined its sisters and brothers around the world to ask McDonald’s to set an example by providing a living wage to its employees.

This year, we’re at it again, but this time the #Fightfor15 protest takes place on April 14. Why do we do it? “We’re standing with our Sisters and Brothers across North America and around the world who share our belief that all workers deserve a living wage. What started in 2014 as a grass-roots initiative to raise awareness for low-wage fast food workers in the US has grown into an international rally across over 300 cities in over 40 countries,” said SEIU Healthcare president Sharleen Stewart. “We’re here to stand for working people so that everyone can earn a fair living. It starts by setting the example for others and that’s what we want this multi-billion dollar company to do.”

McDonald’s takes pride in leading the pack, setting the example. Just look at one of their current television commercials; they are either telling the story of how they value and trust their young employees, or they are extolling the virtues of buying locally – by sourcing their ingredients from Canadian farmers only. If you look at their webpage, you will see they have their own charity – Ronald McDonald House, conserve energy, package responsibly for global sustainability, provide scholarships to their employees, sponsor Olympic athletes and kids’ hockey and yada, yada, yada, all within the realm of corporate responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, this is great stuff, but this is a matter of corporate image not values. How about providing your workers with a living wage? That would really get my admiration.

McDonald’s, clearly you like to be an industry leader, not a follower, so step up and set the trend, one that your competitors and other minimum wage employers will have to follow. I dare you. No, I double dog dare you!

If you are interested in joining our #Fightfor15, here’s how you can get involved.

Join us at McDonald’s Canada corporate head office, 1 McDonald's Place, Toronto, ON, from 11:30-12:30 p.m. on April 14.

Tweet your comments using the hashtags #FightFor15 or #Fastfoodglobal.

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