"Inspiring": An inside look at a special place for adults living with disabilities

DSWs help clients cope
Andrew Miller from the SEIU Healthcare communications team toured Choices in Hamilton, Ontario and spent a day meeting the centre's clients and learning about the special contributions that developmental service workers make in our society.

"On paper, I knew what a Developmental Service Worker did. But [...] I got to experience part of what they deal with on the day-to-day," said Andrew, calling the visit "inspiring."

This video shows DSWs from Choices working closely with clients, who live with a range of developmental disabilities and/or mental health issues:

DSWs at Choices work with adults with high-intensity behaviours and have experienced high much success in helping clients integrate into their community. Using a "person-centred" approach, DSWs assist clients with many life tasks and therapeutic skills, including working with animals, running errands, and doing physical exercise. DSWs also help clients with housing and job training, among other services.

It is clear that DSWs make a big difference in their communities and we applaud the work that they do every day.

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