"Just don't let me handle the cash"

He said it, not us. Whether it's a Tim Hortons' till or the country's coffers, a big part of politics is about who is the best person to manage Canada's money. You have to look at who has it, who doesn't, and how to pay for projects big and small.

Politicians tend to us the same words to appeal to voters. Families. Working class. Middle class. It can be difficult to distinguish between them.

No one likes taxes, but we certainly have to pay them in order to have the systems and infrastructure that we are proud of---and need---in Canada.

One of the most expensive budget items in the country is our healthcare system. Our current Prime Minister changed the healthcare funding formula to provinces and now healthcare costs and spending are increasing at levels higher than the amount of cash paid out by the federal government to help pay for it all.

This means provinces will continue to face a funding crunch. Sound familiar? We all depend on public healthcare. Hopefully the next Prime Minister will recognize that---and know how to manage the money.

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