A Message from Locked Out Funeral Workers, Members of SEIU Healthcare


After 36 days of being locked out by US Funeral Giant Service International Corporation our locked out members, part-time transfer drivers for Dignity Memorial Canada-SCI, and 8 full-time employees voted to ratify the company’s last offer.

Dignity-SCI locked out our members from the Delmoro Funeral Home – a central location for the company in the GTA – on June 27th.

What the employer was expecting though didn’t happen. Our members won all the battles in the court and in the court of public opinion. Did they make an impact? Yes. As a result the people of Toronto and our supporters everywhere know more about how “Wal-Marterization” has changed how the funeral industry operates.

“In the end it’s about self-respect and our members showed they have that in spades,” said Doug Power, union rep for SEIU Healthcare, speaking about our locked out members.

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