A voice to be reckoned with?!

Whether it’s the worker who stands up for her colleagues in the workplace, the father who demands better care for his ailing child, the student who asks her school for healthy lunch options, the neighbour who goes door to door collecting signatures…advocacy comes in different shapes and sizes.

In order to be an advocate, at the most basic level, you need (a) a voice and (b) direction.

Everyday most of us perform small acts of advocacy. We promote, we assist, we defend, we recommend, we encourage, we advance- sometimes without even realizing we are being advocates.

Advocacy is a compelling tool, and when it is used well, it can be a force to be reckoned with.

One of the best ways to utilize your voice is to champion on behalf of those who aren’t given the opportunity to be heard. Today we commemorate the lives of people around the world who have stood up for the rights of others. But we don’t need to go far to look for these champions.

We have everyday heroes in this organization who have fought and continue to fight for essentials that many of us take for granted- the ability to work without fear & intimidation, fair wages, respect, sick days, and the list goes on. And as Minister Matthews rightly says, as members of SEIU Healthcare, we have educated & informed not only the general public, but our leaders as well. We have raised questions that have garnered the attention of the Premier.

How is this possible? How do we manage to bring our fight all the way to the top? What makes us different is that we are intentional with our advocacy and our fight is values-based. In other words, we don’t fight for the sake of fighting. Rather, we join together and decide what needs to be done, we agree on a plan, and we work towards that plan- together. Our fight is always based on principles, perhaps the most obvious of these being dignity.

We advocate because we know that there is a human face and a real life story behind every healthcare worker.

Healthaholic is about championing for those very voices; to bring healthcare to life.


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