meet our leadership team

We are Canada’s healthcare union

We are a union of more than 55,000 frontline healthcare workers.

Our members work in retirement and nursing homes (28,000), homecare and community services (12,000), and hospitals (17,200) throughout Ontario.

Our first priority is to ensure that the work of our members is recognized and valued by employers.

This is the traditional role of unions, achieved through collective bargaining and other labour relations activities.




We also have a responsibility to make sure that the voices of frontline workers are heard and respected at the political level when decisions are made about healthcare delivery.

Our union is a collective of a wide variety of people in healthcare. Workers include:

  • Activity Aides
  • Clerical Support
  • Developmental Support Workers
  • Dietary Aides
  • Housekeepers
  • Lab Techs
  • Maintenance Workers
  • Paramedics
  • Registered Nurses
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Registered Practical Nurses
  • Social Workers
How We Serve Members

SEIU Healthcare negotiates better wages and benefits, increased job security, safer working conditions for our members - but we also get politically active.

We contribute to healthcare policy through our work with government and other stakeholders, representing the interests and expertise of our members and the people they care for.

Here are some more detail on what we do:

  • Help members negotiate collective agreements
  • Assist with member grievances, including arbitration hearings
  • Take disputes to the Ontario Labour Relations Board
  • Protect members from layoffs and outsourcing
  • Resolve Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) claims
  • Monitor pay equity and pursue pay equity settlements
  • Advocate for improvements to workplace health and safety laws
  • Host bargaining and education conferences
  • Encourage community involvement and political action through the Member Leadership and Action Program (MLAP)
  • Lobby and work with the Ontario provincial government to strengthen our public healthcare system
  • Run public campaigns to raise awareness about important healthcare issues
SEIU OFFICERS (elected by membership)
Sharleen Stewart
President, SEIU Healthcare
Carol McDowell
Executive Vice-President, SEIU Healthcare
Executive board (SEIU Healthcare members elected by membership)
Nursing Division President
Jackie Walker
Juanita Barrett
Michael Hall
Christine Peacock
Fatima Vieira
Margaret Bourgoin
Jennifer Frandsen
Persons with Disability
Luisa Dourado
Mina Amrith
Workers of Colour
Ainsworth Spence
Young Workers
Dan Stabb
Community Care Sector
Andy Elliott
Hospital Sector
Andrew Brake
Long Term Care Sector
Lisa Pattison
Region 1
Thunder Bay & Algonquin
Cathy Bishop
Region 2
Jill McEnaney
Region 3
Georgian Bay
Brenda Fortney
Region 4
Greater Toronto Area
Stephaney Williams
Region 5
Jayoti Edington
Region 6
Todd Beaudry
Region 7
London and Southern Ontario
Christopher Stolte
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