Ainsworth Spence

Ainsworth SpenceLeaders in our midst

He is a strong Black Canadian labour activist and steward at his workplace. He got involved with SEIU Healthcare to engage his coworkers and the people who live in his community.

“By just being able to show support and assist others is very refreshing and rewarding personally,” Ainsworth said. “It leaves you fulfilled and satisfied.”

Ainsworth feels there are a lot of people in the workplace who simply don’t know their rights. He likes being the person who can help his fellow co-workers stand up for themselves in the workplace.

But becoming a steward hasn’t just led to fighting injustice in the workplace. It has expanded his scope to human rights, equity and politics.

“Politics touches every facet of your life,” Ainsworth added. “Whether you are a young child or an older parent or a new Canadian who has just immigrated here, it affects you. Whether you have issues in your workplace or need some support, everything revolves around politics. You can be an agent change by getting involved in political action by supporting candidates of parties that share similar values to you.”

Ainsworth also got involved with the Canadian Labour Congress. He is currently the CLC Workers of Colour Vice President.

“I was encouraged to run. The CLC has really opened up my eyes to human rights, politics, economics, social justice, and freedom. There are the things that become one with me. When you are involved in something that is so broad, it changes your perspective. It engages you to do a lot more. “

What is Ainsworth’s favourite part about being an SEIU Healthcare activist?

“Being a leader. Having the answers. Being a part of the solution,” he answered. “Having the members look up to you. It just makes you feel awesome. It is a really powerful feeling.”



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