Allied Healthcare Professionals Week


If you were asked to think of a healthcare worker, what job comes to mind? Doctor? Nurse? There are in fact many other healthcare professionals who help patients with their recovery every day. 

There’s the physiotherapist who helps mend a patient’s injured body. Lab technicians who analyze data to accurately diagnose disease. Respiratory therapists that help patients improve their breathing. Dietitians who create nutritional plans for patients to help repair an ailing body. The massage therapist who takes the pain away from aching muscles. They all help us recover from our illnesses and injuries.

All of these allied health professionals play a key role in our healthcare system. That’s why SEIU Healthcare is celebrating Allied Health Professionals Week; To recognize those who provide hands-on patient care on the frontlines and behind the scenes. We acknowledge the integral role they play in a healthcare team.  

We invite all allied healthcare professionals who are members of SEIU Healthcare to enter a special raffle to win some great prizes.

For more information and to enter, please call the Member Resource Centre at

1-877-672-7348 by Friday, November 8!

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