Amber Lea Place votes for SEIU Local 1 Canada


Employees at Amber Lea Place turned a new page in their lives when they voted 87% to replace the Christian Labour Association of Canada with SEIU Local 1 Canada. 

Amber Lea Place is a retirement home in Brantford, Ontario. Workers there stated that they sought out SEIU because the Christian labour Association provided poor service and were afraid to take on management. 

"They wouldn't do anything. We would make calls and they would just ignore us," said Maryann Prytula, a dietary worker at Amber Lea. "You would file a grievance and it wouldn't go anywhere."

Lori Jordan, another staff member, felt the same way. "The Christian Labour Association was terrible when it came to servicing our workers. They did not look after us properly. We would come to them with questions and they would ignore us."

Lori also mentioned how one of her co-workers had an issue and the, "Christian Labour Association simply refused to do any work on her behalf. This employee had to take the issue to the labour board on her own. What is the point of paying dues if your representative won't fight for your rights?"

The members overall motivation was that they wanted a "real union, not an Association who is either afraid of management or in bed with them". They looked for SEIU to help make sure "managers at Amber Lea treat their employees with respect."

In total contrast to the Christian Labour Association, SEIU is a member-driven Union, who strive to include workers in the decision-making process every step of the way. One facet of this is SEIU's Member Resource Centre; a unique service that provides concrete resolutions to all member questions. Something the Amber Lea Place members are looking forward to using with great excitement.

The last word on today's good news story goes to Lori Jordan, "Purple definitely took over! I know we've made the right choice and it's purple all the way!"

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