April 2014 - Campaign For Justice: Sweet $16

SEIU launched the “Sweet $16” campaign in March during the Homecare Summit, and by now you may have seen it in newspaper ads across the province, in Toronto’s subway system, or in your email inbox.

In this campaign, rather than simply saying “the system is broken” or “things need to change” we are giving four specific ways the Ontario Government could improve working conditions for all homecare PSWs in the province.

Here’s what we’re asking from the Ontario Government:

  1. Raise the minimum wage for homecare PSWs from $12.50/hour to $16/hour (as a first step toward parity with personal support work in the long-term care sector)
  2. Offer retirement security through a good pension plan
  3. Declare homecare an essential service
  4. Provide access to standardized and ongoing continuing education and specialized training opportunities to meet the evolving needs of homecare clients

In order to get this campaign moving, we need your help to spread awareness! You can get involved by writing to your MPP and share this issue with your friends. The more buzz we generate, the more responses we’ll see from the Premier and the rest of the government like we did after our homecare strike at the end of 2013.

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