Are you better off?


We’ve had the same Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, for 10 years now. Do you feel like you personally have been better off since then?

Let’s evaluate his government’s performance from the personal angle.

1)      Your work. Are you working harder, more hours, for the same or less money or are you making more, relative to the cost of living?

2)     Your house. Do you have adequate and affordable housing? Has this changed over the last ten years?

3)     Your home. Are you a caregiver, of a child, parent, or other family member, and if so, do you have the help you need to take care of yourself at the same time?

4)     Your health. Has the healthcare system improved?

5)     Your education. Are you able to manage student loans?

6)     Your leisure time. Do you have enough of it?

7)     Your taxes. Personal taxes go up and down (usually up). Are they going to good use, to maintain and grow public services?

8)     Your retirement. Have the last 10 years helped you prepare?

Our federal government has a direct impact on all the above issues, from the social programs it offers, to the laws it makes on housing and education, to how much tax we pay, to the funds the provinces get for healthcare, to how we survive economic troubles.

Sometimes we get used to the status quo. But we have to realize that although life can get harder and harder, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can demand better. First, we vote on October 19, and then, we hold our leaders accountable.

If the past 10 years have improved your life and you feel you should vote for Stephen Harper, that’s your right. But if your personal life has become more expensive and harder to manage because of lack of action on the part of the federal government, you are probably looking to vote for change on Monday, October 19.

If you want to know which candidate is best positioned to bring change to your riding, please email us at

Above all else, exercise your democratic right—vote! Polls show it could be the closest election in decades and your vote could make the difference.

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