Ask the candidates (sample questions)

  1. Why are you in this Municipal Election and for what position?
  2. What should the council do to improve economic prosperity for everyone?
  3. What are your opinions on taxes? How about unions?
  4. Would you support community based campaigns to keep local services public and improve the level of quality of local services?
  5. What will you do to ensure that local governments celebrate diversity and promote inclusion for groups that have been traditionally underrepresented or excluded from participating fully in our community?
  6. What is your vision of a livable and sustainable community? Are there any initiatives or policy changes that should be undertaken? How will you promote these to the council?
  7. Do you support a living wage for employees of the municipality/region, including those of contracted firms? (A living wage is the wage necessary for a full-time worker to maintain a safe, decent standard of living in the community.)
  8. How should the council support the development of affordable, supportive, and co-operative housing?
Questions? Need help?