August 2014 - Take Your Kids to Work BBQ

The SEIU Healthcare provincial homecare committee came together to deliver an incredible event in Sudbury on July 19. This effort was an attempt to raise further awareness in the community on the role that PSWs play in our healthcare system. In addition, the committee had a unique idea- they realized that most children of PSWs don’t get to participate in ‘take your child to work day’, because of the confidential nature of a PSW's workload. And so, the idea was to give kids a chance to learn more about what their PSW parent does on the job.


With over 60 guests in attendance, including members and their families, there were multiple activities which were designed specifically to show the scope of just how diverse a PSWs workload can be. Anyone who completed the series of skill testing games set up across the park received a ‘peewee PSW’ certificate. All proceeds raised for the event were donated to a local healthcare cause.


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