Beat the January Blahs

January is never an easy month. The joy and excitement from holiday shopping starts to fade and people pack away their holiday trees and decorations. That’s when they begin to notice the days are cold, short and grey. Studies have shown the number of people who seek personal counselling increases by about 10-20 percent from December to January.

But it doesn’t have to be so drab. There are ways people can beat the January blahs. Here are a few ways:

Exercise. Yes, it’s cold outside but 100s of studies have proven without a doubt that exercise improves mood and mental well-being. If it’s too cold outside, either bundle up or climb onto the treadmill. Even going out for a 30-minute walk is a good thing.

Healthy eating. Try to keep a healthy diet. Many of us overeat during the holidays which makes January a perfect time to eat smaller, healthier food. Your mood will improve as you watch the pounds drop.

Clean out the house. January is a great time to reorganize and de-clutter your house, apartment or condo. Don’t do any major renovations. Just tidy up some corners that you have been putting off over the past few months. You will feel satisfaction.

Have fun! Remember, humans don’t hibernate. Get out of the house and have some fun. Do some indoor bowling. Play laser tag. Play indoor mini-putt. See a play. Or go see a movie or watch some TV.

Try to get the best out of the winter. It’s a nice time to recharge and get ready for a productive spring and an active summer.


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