Calling all workers of Italian descent

Have you ever wondered where our workplace health and safety laws came from? As with most rights workers have achieved, they didn’t come from out of nowhere.

Many injured workers in the 1970s were Italian-Canadians working in dangerous industries such as construction and mining.

Thanks to those workers and their families taking action, important amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Act came into effect in 1985 in Ontario, including the creation of an independent appeals tribunal and the Office of the Worker Adviser, which is a free resource for people with health and safety concerns at work.

Over 770 names of Italian workers killed as a result of work over the past century in Ontario will be included on a new public memorial.  

But the Italian Fallen Workers’ Memorial project thinks there are many more names we don’t know.

Do you know of any Italian workers killed as a result of work or want additional information on the project? If so, email

The memorial will be unveiled in 2016 in Toronto, an homage to and reminder of the people who came before us to fight for the protections that we now have.

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