Can youth teach us how to be healthy?

Deanna in her basketball jersey

Deanna spent the day with SEIU Healthcare as part of the “Take Your Kid to Work Day” program.

Hi. My name is Deanna but people call me De. My mom works for the SEIU Healthcare as an accountant. I’m not really a numbers person but I do know a lot about health.

I am what I like to call a sporty, outgoing girl. I play basketball as a point guard at my high school in North York.

I do track (short distance running), and also enjoy volley-ball (my favourite sport). Being healthy is one of the most important things if you want to be athletically built. I know being healthy all the time is hard. I don’t always follow the rules but there will be consequences. I learned this the hard way.

I am a person that would eat junk once in a while…which really means a lot. Sometimes I would eat so much that I would get sick. Sometimes I knew when to stop and eat something healthy, but others days I wouldn’t care what is healthy or not as long as it tasted good.

It wasn’t until I joined my high school basketball team that I noticed how consuming junk food/drinks made me feel. When I made it on the team, my coach drilled it into my and my teammates’ heads that we are not allowed to eat anything unhealthy.

Let me tell those who don’t know anything about basketball: my girls’ basketball season is from September to November. That is 3 MONTHS of eating healthy and being fit.  At first I didn’t follow the rules but during the games that I would get tired easily, and that affected the game.

My brother told me a story, saying "If you have a car and it breaks down one day, would you give the car fuel or juice?" I said fuel, because putting juice in would make it worse.”

The same goes for our body. You need to give what it needs and not give it what it doesn’t need, damaging it more. Being healthy gives our body natural sugar that helps your energy more than putting sweets in it.

This is my story about my experience with getting healthy and would be happy if it helped someone else’s life.

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