Cathy Carroll responds to the Drummond Report

SEIU Local 1 Treasurer Cathy Carroll responds to Don Drummond and his Drummond Report.

Our public healthcare system is under attack. 

You may have heard of a man named Don Drummond, who was commissioned by the Government of Ontario to look at cutting provincial spending by any means necessary. His recommendations came out on Wednesday, February 15 -- and, frankly, they are scary!

Drummond put forth more than 300 recommendations, many of which could directly impact your work and job security. He calls to cut back healthcare spending, merge hospitals and asks frontline staff to "show restraint" when caring for patients.

I urge you to stay informed and stand up for a healthy Ontario, and invite you to participate in two initiatives in response to Drummond, and the impending cuts. 

1. On Saturday February 18 from 2:00-3:00pm, the Ontario Health Coalition will be hosting a webinar (internet-based seminar) to conduct a full briefing on the Drummond Report along with an analysis of the report and the upcoming health cuts that will ensue. During the webinar, participants can actively pose questions and receive answers. In order to participate in this webinar you must register immediately by following this link:

Once you are registered, you will receive an email confirmation. In this confirmation you will find a link titled, "Join the Meeting" which you can press to join the meeting this Saturday at 2:00pm. 

2) Stand with your Sisters and Brothers at our Emergency Assembly, which will be held on Saturday February 25 at the Church of the Holy Trinity , located at 10 Trinity Square in Toronto from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you are travelling from out of town, discounted rooms are available at the nearby Bond Place Hotel, located at 65 Dundas Street East, at a cost of $89 per night, plus taxes. Please call 1-800-268-9390 and cite "Ontario Health Coalition" when booking your room. 

Fill out the Emergency Assembly registration form today!

Let's send a clear message to Premier Dalton McGuinty: leave healthcare alone. We are Stronger 

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