Clean home, cool brain?

Environmental Services and Houskeeping Week

It’s environmental services and housekeeping week here at SEIU Healthcare and it got me thinking about the role that organizing, tidying, and cleaning our spaces has on our day-to-day lives.

In a hospital or nursing home environment, the people who do environmental and housekeeping services are crucial to keeping the facilities clean and safe. They interact with patients and their families what they need and try to make everyone as comfortable as possible.

Imagine how much calmer we feel when we can see that staff is taking good care of a facility, and how unsettled we are if we can tell a building messy or disorganized, or hazardous in any way. Now imagine what kind of impact the cleanliness of our own homes and other social spaces must have on our mental health.

But unlike places with staff such as a hospital, we must do that work for ourselves, and that requires thinking about how much we want to do, how, and when. It’s easy to let things slip and not even notice. What kind of impact does that have on us?

Clutter in the home has been linked to emotional and mental issues. Meanwhile the actual exercise of cleaning at home can improve mental health by relieving stress and anxiety.

Maybe it’s the physical work, maybe it’s the sense of accomplishment, maybe it’s the practical benefits of having more space and knowing where things are, but it does appear that much like we would expect a nice clean nursing home when we visit, we would be happy to have the same at home. Whether that is achievable is another matter!

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