Client’s pay tribute to their PSWs

Happy PSW Day

PSW Day was first celebrated in 2011 on May 19. The Ontario legislature recognized it as an official holiday to celebrate the important work Personal Support Workers (PSWs) perform on a regular basis. We salute all PSWs across all sectors- in the hospital, in the community, and in long-term care homes. Perhaps some of the most notable admiration for PSWs come from those who are cared-for by them.

During SEIU Healthcare’s Rise for Homecare campaign that was run in early 2016, many clients and their family members shared their stories about how their homecare PSWs provided them with essential healthcare that they rely and depend on.

One man who wrote to us said he was “blessed” when his wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, started to receive care from a PSW. Even though his wife was shy and reluctant to receive any type of care, he felt their PSW was able to put his wife at ease. His PSW is very prompt and went out of her way to provide them with the immediate assistance from their homecare agency. “This young woman has a very tender heart and she is the best PSW anyone could ever hope to have,” he said.

He is not the only one. Another woman felt their homecare worker who took care of her parents should have been given a “PSW of the Year” award. She described her PSW as “proactive, helpful, and kind. She fights for the client and has empathy for the family. She goes out of her way to make sure her clients are well taken care of. She is a saint in so many ways.”

Another person wrote about how her PSW helped care for her ailing 94-year old mother. She simply couldn’t work a full-time job and take care of her mother at the same time. So she hired a PSW to look after her mother’s daily needs. “A PSW was a God-send for me! I was able to keep my grandmother in my home for the next 10 years!” she exclaimed.

Those are just 3 out of millions of reasons why we celebrate PSW Day. It’s an important day to remember that patient care in our healthcare system is managed by many valuable healthcare workers.

Happy PSW Day!

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