The Ontario Government has intervened at the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal to deny Ontario nursing home workers the right to pay equity. Gender pay gaps have been created in this sector as a result of the failure to recognize and value the demanding skills and responsibilities of these workers who must handle the increasing care needs of nursing home residents. The predominantly female nursing home workers need the same pay equity rights as those who do the same job in municipal and county Homes for the Aged.
We the undersigned call on the government to ensure that such work is properly evaluated and compensated free of discrimination by:
•Recognizing that nursing home workers are entitled to maintenance provisions under the Pay Equity Act
•Advocating for the valuable work women provide to society and in particular care of seniors in the nursing home sector
•Being part of the solution by funding the closing of the pay gap in the proxy sector
•Withdrawing from the Pay Equity Tribunal case
•Protecting the heart of healthcare: frontline staff
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