Congratulations to Kelly Brew on 10-Year Preceptor Certificate of Excellence

Congratulations to Kelly Brew on 10-year preceptor certificate of excellence

Member Kelly Brew, RPN, received a certificate of excellence in clinical education in recognition of her work as a preceptor at West Park Healthcare Centre, Toronto. Kelly has been a teacher and mentor for 27 nursing students over the last 10 years.

Nadine Janes, Director of Interprofessional Practice and Clinical Education (left) and Barbara Bell, Chief Nursing Executive and Health Professions Officer (right) presented Kelly (centre) with the certificate in a ceremony on March 12.
West Park provides rehabilitation and complex continuing and long-term care services, helping individuals manage difficult health challenges like lung disease, diabetes, stroke and amputation.

Kelly specializes in neurological rehabilitation at West Park, where she has dedicated 15 years of service.

Congratulations Kelly from your union family!

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