December 2014 - Operation Christmas Cheer: An Incredible Initiative’s 10th Anniversary!

Sometimes, when the general public hears “union,” all they can think of is “strike.” The truth is, strikes are rare and, even when they are necessary, difficult to pull off.

Once the fire is ignited and a strike declared, an incredible ground game rolls out. Assembling picket lines. Getting the members out. Explaining the rules. Organizing rallies. Getting help from other unions and allies. Putting pressure on the workplaces to take action immediately to end the strike.

About this time last year, 4,500 of our home and community care personal support workers were getting ready to strike over unfair wages.

Consider temperatures of minus 30, about 5 metres of snow, and an ice storm causing power outages, and you get an idea of how exhausting the entire process was, for the members more than anyone.

While on strike, Operation Christmas Cheer, a volunteer project by UNIFOR Local 247, helped SEIU Healthcare workers in Pembroke, Ontario, by giving them food hampers, grocery gift cards, and toys. This helped the members out tremendously.

If you are able to donate, consider giving to Operation Christmas Cheer’s 10-year Anniversary Campaign in solidarity to make a difference in the lives of workers who are on strike or lockout this year.

Please make any donation cheques payable to OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHEER and mail to:

C/O: Casandra Robinson
101 Lockhaven Private, Ottawa, ON, K2J 5L5

If you are collecting non-perishable food items and/or toys, please give Casandra a call at (613) 301-2988 to make arrangements for a pick up (MUST be able to pick-up prior to December 17 please).

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