Registering to vote

Do I have to be registered to vote?
Yes. If you are not already registered, you can register at your polling place, just before you vote, on Monday, October 19.

Am I already registered to vote?
If you received a voter information card with your name and address, you are registered.

How do I update my voter registration?
You can update your registration at your polling place just before you vote, on Monday, October 19.

  • For faster service at your polling place, print yourself a registration certificate using the Online Voter Registration Service.
  • Bring the printout with you when you vote.
    • This registration certificate is not required for you to register at the polls and is not offered in all cases. It is offered to those who are not registered or whose registration is not up-to-date, and whose polling division (area of the riding) can be identified based on their address.
    • If you print a registration certificate, sign it only at your polling place in front of the poll worker who is processing your registration.

I moved recently. Am I still registered to vote?
If you received a voter information card with your name and current address, you are registered. If you did not get a voter information card at your current address, you need to update your address at your polling place, just before you vote.

Which address do I use to register?
Use the physical address of your home. Your home address is where you live. It's where you intend to return to when you are away from that place.

If you live in two places – for example, one while attending school, the other while away from school, or one while you're working, and the other while you're on leave – determine which one you consider to be your home. Use that address to register.

If I update my voter registration with Elections Canada, will the update be sent to my provincial, territorial or municipal elections agency?
It may be, after a delay. Elections Canada shares voter registration information – name, address, date of birth, gender and unique identifier number – with the elections agencies in most provinces and territories and with some municipalities, upon request. There is often a delay of several weeks or months before the voter information is sent and gets reflected in the respective provincial, territorial and municipal voters lists.

If your province or territory is having an election (or is about to have one), please contact your provincial or territorial elections agency directly (main website) to register or update your registration. Likewise, if there is an upcoming election in your municipality, please contact your municipality directly.

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