Double double trouble?

A call to action has gone up at over concerns that an unchecked Tim’s takeover could ultimately cost hundreds of Canadian jobs and a lot of lost tax revenue for Canada.

You probably remember hearing about the American company Burger King buying Tim Hortons---the news dominated headlines for days.

Tim’s is ubiquitous. Like it or not, the coffee and donut chain is everywhere, it’s dependable, it’s affordable, and it’s pretty delicious. Plus, the company employs a lot of people.

What you might not know is that the deal hasn’t gone through yet. Since it’s such a massive potential business transaction involving a foreign company, Canadian Industry Minister James Moore has to approve, and then the deal goes to the Tim Hortons stakeholders for consideration.

The “Trouble Brewing” report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives examines Burger King’s private equity owners and their 30-year history of cost-cutting---it is a real concern that those practices could come into effect here.

Last Friday we wrote about how crucial it is that the Ontario government has finally legislated that yearly minimum wage increases be tied to inflation. A lot of minimum wage workers are in food service, and as we all know, Tim Hortons is a major player in that industry. We need to stand up for these workers whose jobs could be at stake.

If you are concerned about what this takeover could mean for Canadian jobs, send an email to Industry Minister James Moore and Tim Hortons corporate head office at!

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