Meet Deqa Farah

Meet Deqa Farah. She provides mental health promotion at Community Resource Connections of Toronto to support adults dealing with complex mental issues (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, trauma survivors, depression, etc.) who are also struggling with other barriers such as language/migration issues, social isolation, homelessness, addiction, and poverty, and more.

“We work from a recovery approach. With proper support and services, people do recover and can live independently in the community. Through many years at CRCT, I’ve seen countless success stories. Like the client who came to the agency at a very difficult time in her life. She was not in touch with reality, was homeless and dealing with many challenges as a result of her mental illness. Through our work, we provided her opportunities to integrate in the community. She attended  wellness/recovery groups which helped her gain confidence and develop skills. Currently, she’s working and supporting others with their mental health challenges.”

“We had another client came to the agency through the criminal justice system. He was in denial about his illness. After proper support he received treatment and he followed his dream of working in the service industry by enrolling in the Chef program at George Brown College. He’s currently working as a chef.”

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