Meet Jackie Haynes


Meet Jackie Haynes, a Support Worker who works at a group home for Choices in Carlisle, Ontario. Trained as a DSW and in sign language, she helps developmentally challenged clients live their daily lives. This requires a lot of different skills.

"I assist developmentally challenged adults lead a meaningful daily life, which requires many different skills.”

"We wear many different hats. We continuously monitor our clients health, their physical and emotional state and assist them to seek medical attention and follow-up as necessary. We assist individuals with their spiritual needs such as attending a Friendship Service or Church on Sundays. We assist clients with their banking and helping them with their bills and financial needs and goals.

Many or most of our residents require medications which we administer on a daily basis (always monitoring for side-effects). We provide transportation and assistance for community events and to visit family members. Our role is to create an environment that supports community inclusion. It is a holistic approach "mind, body and spirit". Often times the role we play is like having the duties of nurse, behaviour therapist and social worker all rolled into one occupation.”

“The most fulfilling part of my job is getting to know the people I work for and seeing the smiles on their faces when they have achieved a goal, or just simply providing a strong rapport and bond to which provides them the feeling of being "safe". Regardless of our clients circumstances we are always available to support them through their difficulties and celebrate their successes.”

“Most importantly our role requires us to be a strong advocate for our clients especially for those who cannot verbally communicate for themselves.”

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