Ebola resurging abroad: news round-up

Ebola workers

Unfortunately, Ebola seems to be resurging abroad. 

Guinea has declared a health emergency due to Ebola in five regions in the west and south-west parts of the country.

Billy Abimbilla from the aid organization ChildFund has said “in many ways my year fighting Ebola has been far worse than any war” about the situation in West Africa, referring particularly to the ways in which the disease has traumatized children.

Meanwhile in North America, the condition of a healthcare worker that was treated for Ebola had improved in late March.

Researchers have made progress on a potential vaccine to fight Ebola, but the scientific work has not yet reached the stage of clinical trials on humans. But in order to be treated effectively, a person must first be diagnosed. A new rapid testing and diagnostics innovation is waiting for approval in Sierra Leone. The kits have the potential to dramatically reduce diagnostic wait times, so experts know who to treat and when.

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