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As governments move to encourage homecare wherever possible, it is imperative to ensure there is enough care to go around now, and in the future.

As the union that championed for the increase in minimum wage for Ontario’s personal support workers to $16.50/hour by 2016, we continue to come to the table with government to offer solutions for homecare clients and PSWs alike.

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Dear ____________,

1 in 4 members of our community will be a senior in the next 20 years. We know that our aging population relies heavily on the homecare system to take care of their needs. Homecare has been declared an economical solution to a changing healthcare system on which we all rely.  

As the demand for these services grow, so too must our commitment to improving the homecare system in Ontario. Families need you to support homecare. PSWs need you to support homecare. Working together we can and must build a homecare system that rises to the challenge.

As my MPP, I’m asking you to you join me and SEIU Healthcare and Rise for Homecare. Keep homecare as a priority for your agenda.


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