Eulalee Robinson

Eulalee RobinsonLeaders in our midst

She is a Black Canadian who has been involved with SEIU Healthcare for many years. She is a steward, an activist, a workplace leader and a true champion for social justice. She served on the Executive Board for 8 years, is currently the chair of SEIU’s Human Right Committee and sits on SEIU Healthcare’s Pension Board of Trustees.

One of the things Eulalee is known for her inner strength.

“I am a chief steward in my workplace because I want members to receive fair treatment,” she said. “They should be able to speak for what they think is right. We need to attain equal rights for our members in the workplace.”

“I am not afraid to speak to management,” she said. “If they break the rules in our collective agreement, I will hold them accountable. But at the same time, I lead by example; by being professional; being a role model; and being strong but not aggressive. I am respectful.”

One thing she really enjoys doing is engaging the members and mentoring them.

“I like to motivate them. Bring them out as a volunteer and get them involved and passionate about their union.”

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