PRESS RELEASE: SEIU Healthcare on the Scarborough-Rouge River Rally

Today over 100 members of SEIU Healthcare rallied in front of Ontario PC Party candidate Raymond Cho’s office to protest against party leader Patrick Brown’s repeated anti-retirement security positions.

Raymond Cho is choosing to side with his leader and his party’s corporate agenda.

“I stand for retirement security, Patrick Brown does not,” said Gloria Vanloo, PSW LTC.. “Patrick Brown can’t call pensions a tax and then pretend to support retirement security for workers.”

“At the age of 38, Patrick Brown already has a guaranteed federally-funded government pension of his own, but he repeatedly opposed expanding retirement security for hard-working families,” Vanloo continued.

As a federal Member of Parliament, Patrick Brown stood with Stephen Harper for nearly a decade in opposition to expanding the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP).

Since becoming leader of the Ontario PC Party, Patrick Brown stood opposed to the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) and committed to repealing a plan that would’ve helped workers retire with dignity.

Time and time again, Patrick Brown has sided with his corporate supporters over the needs of hard-working families.

SEIU Healthcare calls on Raymond Cho to stand for retirement security and with workers in Scarborough Rouge-River.

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Mark Klein
SEIU Healthcare

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