Free risk assessment tool: My Cancer IQ

Cancer Care OntarioCancer Care Ontario has developed an online tool called My Cancer IQ to check your risk of developing four different types of cancer. You answer several questions about lifestyle and family history and then it tells you the results, elaborating on what is increasing or decreasing your cancer risk. The tool then provides a personalized action plan, with tips based on the answers to your questions, for example:

Eating 5 or more servings of vegetables and fruit each day (as you've been doing) may lower your risk of developing several cancers, including lung cancer. Keep up the great work!

Each recommendation has links to resources that help you and each question is linked to an explanation of why it is relevant and what the scientific research has shown.

There is special information for healthcare providers to share this tool with patients.

This tool is a fantastic user-friendly resource to help us be mindful of our cancer risk and the solutions we have to lower that risk for ourselves, our loved ones, and our clients.

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