"Fulfill the Promise" campaign wins over cities

We are thrilled to announce that Toronto City Council passed the Fulfilling the Promise (of homecare) resolution on October 9, 2013!

Once again you proved that the promise of accessible homecare for all who need it is a simple, yet powerful idea.

For Kristof Barocz, an FTP campaigner, hospital worker, and executive board member of SEIU Healthcare in Toronto, the idea to get a FTP resolution passed by Toronto City Council made sense after he attended a conference on homecare in 2013. So, for those of you thinking of getting a FTP resolution passed in your community, we thought we would share with you the anatomy of a resolution. Here are the steps Barocz took...

Get informed. “Prior (to the conference) I had very little knowledge of homecare. Once I became informed about the plight of the homecare worker and the clients I felt that inaction wasn’t an option – that something had to be done.”

Approach a councillor. “I had one councillor in mind: Josh Matlow. He’s a progressive, he’s also chair of the Toronto Senior’s strategy. There’s a lot of alignment between that and the Fulfilling the Promise campaign.” With the help of the FTP campaign team, Barocz arranged a meeting with Councillor Matlow in May.

Build support. The team identified various councillors on both the right and the left. “It was important for us to have bipartisan support. We were confident that once people actually knew about homecare it wasn‘t a political thing, it was just the right thing to do.”

Kristof Barocz, and FTP campaigners meeting with Toronto Councillor Peter Milczyn

All told the team had five meetings with councillors from May to October, and the motion passed unanimously in a vote by Toronto City Council on October 9, 2013, making Toronto the fourth municipality to pass the Fulfilling the Promise resolution.

“It was a great experience. I want to encourage people to do this in their community. Politicians, you elect them, they work for you,” said Barocz.

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