Healthcare union members elated by “Stop Hudak” success

Healthcare workers are celebrating their success across Ontario as they take in the election results with Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals winning a majority of seats and Andrea Horwath’s NDP claiming 21 of 107.

The healthcare union had openly campaigned for members to “Stop Hudak and save healthcare” by voting for the NDP or Liberal candidate with the best chance of beating the PC candidate in each riding. Now it’s time to get back to “Sweet $16” and improving the lives of healthcare workers through the political system.


“Our next step will be immediately holding the Premier to account for her party’s promise of an across-the-board $1.50 raise for personal support workers retroactive to April 1, 2014, and another $2.50 by 2016. Homecare working conditions have been so bad for so long that PSWs are happy to be getting some recognition and increased awareness about what they do.”

“We are proud of our political action and member leadership teams’ ability to work with members on the ground to elect NDP and Liberal MPPs, helping make the Hudak name politically obsolete. Purple power!”

Sharleen Stewart, President, SEIU Healthcare

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