HOOPP 2016 Annual Report

HOOPP 2016 Annual Report

With over 12,000 of our members also being members of The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), we wanted to share some exciting news.

On Thursday, HOOPP released its annual results for 2016. Some highlights include:

  • HOOPP’s net assets rose approximately $6.5 billion to an all-time high of $70.4 billion. That’s a rate of return of 10.35%.
  • HOOPP is fully funded at 122%, meaning that it has $1.22 on hand for every $1 it owes in pension benefits to retired and active members. This demonstrates HOOPP’s ability to meet their current and future pension obligations.

For more details on HOOPP’s annual results, you can visit https://hoopp.com/2016. On this website, you can also leave your feedback for a chance to win an iPad Mini or an Apple Watch.

At SEIU Healthcare, we want all our members to have the opportunity to retire with dignity. Our partnership with HOOPP is just one of the many ways we are achieving this.

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