Hospital with $50-million donation "works together as a team"

Staff at the newly renamed Michael Garron Hospital - formerly Toronto East General - joined many well-wishers in Ontario when they heard about the Garron family's $50-million donation to the hospital and the touching reason behind it.

Michael Garron died from cancer at the age of 13. His fear was that he'd be forgotten.

His mother Berna had given birth to Michael at the hospital in 1962. With their generous donation, and the renaming of the hospital of his birth, Myron and Berna have permanently memorialized their son.

This gift shows just how much a positive experience in the healthcare system can stick with a family.

Juanita Barrett

Juanita Barrett has worked at Michael Garron Hospital for nearly 16 years. She said although this donation is incredibly large, she isn't surprised the Garrons wanted to give.

"People donate because they feel the hospital made a difference in their life."

She has worked in a variety of roles at the hospital and is currently Facility Services Lead - she audits housekeeping services, does infection control, and coordinates with maintenance staff, among other tasks that keep the hospital running in good shape for the patients.

Juanita is a union steward, and loves the hospital. She attributes a lot of the hospital's successes to a general positive attitude among its more than 2,000 staff members.

"The hospital is very friendly, from the CEO down. Even when my own family members go there, they always talk about how friendly people are. We work together as a team."

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