How do I prove I have coverage?

Will I receive a document of any kind?

Certificates of Insurance will be provided by email on an annual basis, once the registration process is complete (March 18).  Certificates will be sent in May, 2016.  Certificates will only be sent by email.

Why will certificates be sent by email only?

The CNO now requires every nurse to have an email address which he or she checks regularly as a condition of registration.  Emailing certificates is faster and more cost-efficient than other means. SEIU Healthcare’s Nursing Division also wants to communicate with our nurses about professional practice best practices while updating you on changes that will impact your profession and scope of practice, as well as opportunities for you to become more involved in your union. We will do this by engaging online or by email.  

Will the College ask for proof of PLP?

The College may request proof of adequate PLP at any time. When the College requires proof from a member, it will inform the member of the specific type of proof it needs. For example, it may be a letter from an employer, confirmation of membership in an association that provides PLP, or a certificate of insurance from a private insurer. Nurses in the identified classes are required to declare that they understand their obligation to maintain PLP in accordance with the by-laws as a condition of membership.

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