ID required

How do I prove my identity and address when I go to vote?
Show one of these pieces of ID

  • your driver's licence
  • your provincial or territorial ID card
  • any other government card with your photo, name and current address

Or, show two pieces of ID from the list found here.

Or, if your ID does not have your current address, take an oath. Show two pieces of ID with your name and have someone who knows you attest to your address. This person must show proof of identity and address, be registered in the same polling division, and attest for only one person.

I'm a student. What ID do I need to vote?

  • You can prove your identity with your student ID card.
  • You can prove your address with any document issued by your school that shows your home address.
  • If you live in a student residence, you can ask the residence administrator for a Letter of Confirmation of Residence that says you live there. You can use it to prove your address.

Can I use ID with a mailing address – PO box, rural route or general delivery?
Yes, if your mailing address appears in your voter registration file.
I have received my voter information card. Can I use it as ID?
No. Your voter information card is not ID. It cannot be used to prove your identity or address when you vote.

My ID is expired. Will it be accepted?
Yes. Elections Canada accepts expired ID. Make sure it has your name and current address.

I have ID that is not on Elections Canada's list. Will it be accepted?
No. You can only show ID from this list. No other pieces will be accepted.

I lost my original ID document. Can I show a copy?
No. We only accept originals. An exception is made for documents only issued electronically, like e-statements or e-invoices. In these cases, you can bring printouts or show them on a mobile device. An exception is also made for residents of long-term care facilities, who can show photocopies if their original documents are kept somewhere else.

Can I use my passport as ID?
Yes. You can use your passport to prove your identity (name). But you also need to show a second piece of ID with your name and address.

Why can't my passport count as proof of my name and address?
Passport holders write their own address into their passport. For a piece of ID to count as proof of address, the address must be added by the issuer of the document. That's why Elections Canada accepts a passport as proof of identity (name), but not as proof of address.

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