I Am Rising for Homecare

This weekend I’m going to go see my parents; they live a few hours away in the house I was born and raised in. It’s a house that is full of old trophies, graduation pictures, half a dozen typewriters, hundreds of old stamps, the largest spice collection in North America, and drawers full of collectible china (my Dad loves collecting things!) This is the house they’ve owned and lived in since 1980. No matter how far they travel or how many weeks of the year they are away, they always look forward to coming home.

There is something comforting and even rejuvenating about being home- I’m guessing this story isn’t unique to my family.

I am Rising for Homecare, because one day my parents may need some extra care & support, and I am certain they will want to be cared for in their own home.

Across Ontario, we know that the population continues to live longer, healthier lives. We know that in twenty years almost 1 in 4 of us will be a senior- it might even be you. Homecare may not be the only solution to our aging population, but research indicates it’s a valuable solution.

It’s a solution that people desire, deserve and depend on.  

If you know someone who receives care in their home…
If you know a Personal Support Worker...
If you’ve ever received homecare or are a PSW…
If you think you deserve to age with dignity…
If you love your parents & grandparents…
Then It’s Time to Rise for Homecare.

There are a number of ways you can Rise for Homecare. Now is the time to:

Articulate your thoughts in a story

ommunicate your views by signing a letter to your MPP online

ell your friends & family

And don’t forget to tell us when you #riseforhomecare

Questions? Need help?