Inter-Union harmony?

Last week, SEIU Healthcare played host to a historical event: a meet-up of Organizers from different unions across the Province. The intention behind this event was to bring together like-minded individuals to engage in dialogue on how to grow & strengthen the labour movement (among other reasons).

For some time now, many activists in the labour movement, from one union to the next, have felt fragmented; as though they are no longer on the same team as their comrades. Unfortunately, politicians have picked up on this internal disharmony, and have attempted on many occasions to use it to their advantage. Hence the threat of “Right to Work” legislation that has infiltrated the USA, as well as the most recent re-introduction of Bill C-377 in Canada (which our most recent blog post brought to light).

Last Spring, we saw a lot of inter-union harmony, as unions joined forces to Stop Hudak’s anti-union agenda. The result was a resounding success, with many acknowledging the power of union’s in halting Hudak’s agenda.

It’s clear that when we come together with like-minded individuals, to think long-term about the sustainability of the labour movement, we are bound to bump heads; but we are making an effort to put aside our differences to do what’s best for worker’s right.

The question that we pose to our fellow labour activists is how can we put #workersfirst? This will be an area worth continuously exploring.


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