Celebrating DSWs

SEIU Healthcare DSW Appreciation Day

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Wednesday, January 20 is Developmental Service Workers (DSW) Day. It’s the day we acknowledge and celebrate the important role DSWs play in our healthcare system. They support the physical, mental and emotional health of people with a developmental disability or another form of intellectual or mental disability.

DSWs play a variety of different roles on the job. They may act as a social worker, a nurse or a life planner for their clients. They need to monitor their clients’ health as well as take care of their psychological needs by counselling them on a daily basis and getting them involved in their community. They may also look after their finances to ensure they are spending their money properly.

One of the issues DSWs frequently encounter is working with clients who suffer from several concurrent health disorders. For example, a client could be suffering from a developmental disability, bipolar disorder and diabetes. If the client is feeling ill, a DSW needs to find out what is wrong with their client. Is it because their blood sugar level is off? Are they experiencing a manic or depressive episode? Or are they simply having a bad day? A DSW needs to examine all of these angles before they make a decision on how to work with their client.

Over 4,000 SEIU Healthcare members work in the community care sector, looking after those who have trouble looking after their own daily needs. Thanks for all you do!


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