Jillian and Living Organ Donation

A young woman’s race to find a liver donor has started exploding online. She’s from London, Ontario and at 28 years old, has a disease that has severely affected her health and is threatening her life.

Jillian Di Bernardo’s liver is failing due to a hereditary disease. Saving her requires organ donation – but not from a deceased donor, a different type. Living donation. This means she needs to find someone who is willing to give her a piece of themselves. Someone who will take time out of their life to save another.


Before and after: a picture of how Jillian’s disease has affected her physical health

For the generous person who does the living donation procedure, there is a program available to apply for funding to help with costs such as travel and accommodation, and loss of income associated with the time one must take off work to heal.

The London Health Sciences Centre has prepared an information booklet for those considering volunteering to save Jillian’s life – or helping others like her.

Unfortunately, the number of people waiting for life-saving transplants in Ontario far exceeds both the deceased and living donor lists. Consider having the conversation about organ donation with your family today.

Click here to find out more about Jillian and help out with some of her health-related costs.

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