How can a union help me?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the benefits of joining

I do not feel respected in my workplace

Union members back each other up. Our first priority is to ensure that the work of our members is recognized and valued by employers.

I am not treated fairly

Unions help you file official grievances. Every SEIU bargaining unit has union stewards who are responsible for ensuring that employers do not violate the terms of their contract.

I have trouble making my issues heard

When we band together we have a louder voice. Together we build strength. Our MRC specialists can help you improve the working lives of others through an involvement with one of our standing committees.

I am being bullied by management

As unions get stronger, management can’t just do what it wants. Our MRC specialists can answer questions about your collective agreement or your rights as a worker.

I do not feel that my job is secure or stable

One of the biggest priorities for a union is to fight job insecurity. SEIU’s members earn high wages, enjoy more workplace benefits, experience a higher level of job satisfaction and are more productive on the job than non-unionized workers employed in the same sector.

I am not paid enough for the work I do

Collective bargaining is the best chance for higher wages. By working together, union members have the strength to negotiate with their employers to set new wages, salaries and raises.

I would like better benefits

You won’t be alone in your struggle. With a union, we are actively working to improve benefits and conditions of employment, such as vacation time, health and safety policy. In addition, SEIU members receive special member discounts on popular products and services.

I am worried about my health or safety

You deserve better. We continue to lobby government for safety laws that protect health care workers from workplace injuries. Our MRC specialists can help connect you with a workplace activist, such as a steward or a Health & Safety member.

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