July 2014 - Spotlight on Cathy Carroll: Leaving a Legacy

After 16 years of dedicated service, we are bidding farewell to a lady who has lead for change and equality in the labour movement in Ontario. Cathy Carroll, SEIU Healthcare’s Secretary Treasurer, has a long history of involvement in the trade union movement. She worked as a postal clerk in Windsor Health Coalition, Ontario for 25 years where her interest in labour relations was ignited. She soon became active in worker’s rights issues within her own field, and as a result served as the Local President for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). In addition, serving as a board member for the United Way and the Occupational Clinic for Ontario Workers, her interest in being a community advocate was obvious.

“Even though I was a postal worker, I got involved in all these community groups such as the Windsor Health Coalition because I knew that I just had to get involved in as much as possible. After all, it’s about the bigger picture: looking out for the welfare of all workers.”

In 1998, Cathy brought her passion and experience to SEIU as a union representative and eventually assumed her current position of Secretary Treasurer in August 2005. In the lead up to her retirement, Cathy ended her long time career with as much dedication as always: sitting for the closing arguments of a two year tribunal on pay equity.

Sitting down with Cathy Carroll to talk about her career, one thing is obvious: it’s not a historical discussion. Cathy isn’t focused on talking about her work experience, her achievements, the relationships she’s developed and maintained over the past 40+ years in her career. Instead, Cathy is interested in talking about the present moment and what is closest to her heart right now: fighting against wage discrimination. This is, without a doubt, Cathy’s living legacy. Over the past two plus years, Cathy has been a committed part of the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal, which started in May 2012. [Stay tuned for the August 2014 newsletter to read more about this case]. Though the closing arguments of this case were heard last week, we know Cathy will most likely stay involved in spreading awareness about these issues for a long time to come.

After her tenure at SEIU Healthcare, Cathy is looking forward to being closer to her children and granddaughter, and spending time at the beach near Lake Huron. We wish Cathy all the very best in her retirement, and know that she will continue championing on behalf of others, no matter where she is!

In light of Cathy’s retirement, SEIU Healthcare is proud to announce the appointment of Manny Carvalho as its new Treasurer. As many of you know, Manny currently holds the role of Executive Vice President. His passion for organizing & community development and his dedication to our members make him a great fit for this new role.  Manny will be transitioning immediately and officially in the role July 1. Lookout for our profile on Manny Carvalho in the August 2014 member Newsletter.

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