June 2014 - Celebrating PSW Day Through Film

This year, in recognition of PSW day, PSWs and their families were invited to a movie night in several locations around the Province. The purpose was to bring PSWs together to show them how to actively advance the role of the PSW, as well as to awaken them to the threat of a Hudak government. Specifically, members were informed of the “Right to Work” policy that Hudak had borrowed from the USA and attempted to pass in Ontario. This policy, unlike what its name suggests, often results in lower wages & benefits for all employees, according to Forbes magazine. And so PSW day was an opportunity to spread awareness about this misleading policy.

The film that was screened was entitled “Made in the USA” and documented Canadian labour activists who visited parts of the USA where the “right to work” legislation had passed. The message of those workers was clear: people need to be aware of & stop these laws before they are passed. Unfortunately, many of those workers have been negatively affected by “right to work”, some even citing an average loss of $1400 to their annual income.

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