June 2014 - What Would Ontario Look Like If Tim Hudak Were Premier?

Why are millions of unionized workers fighting to keep him out of office? Is Tim Hudak really that bad?

Just about every labour union in Ontario is doing everything it can to make sure Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak doesn’t become premier on June 12.

Here are just a few things you can expect Hudak becomes premier:

A wage freeze. Every time SEIU Healthcare negotiates a new contract, we always fight for a wage increase. But if Tim Hudak becomes premier, negotiating a raise will become much more difficult. Hudak’s conservatives have promised to freeze the wages of public sector and healthcare workers. He has also pledged to cancel the Liberal promise to give PSWs a raise to $16.50 an hour. If Hudak is Premier, you probably won’t get a raise for a very long time.

Attack your pensions. Many SEIU members are enrolled in defined pension plans, such as HOOPP and NHRIPP. Under Hudak, he would force members to drop their defined benefit plans and adopt an RRSP plan. But defined benefit plans were always more secure, wealthier, and less likely to fluctuate in an unstable economic market. In other words, Hudak will make your retirement less comfortable and secure.

Say goodbye to job security. One of Tim Hudak’s big promises is to fire 100,000 public sector workers to help pay for a 30% tax cut for big wealthy corporations, and other tax cuts. Although Hudak says he won’t cut healthcare jobs, former Ontario conservative premier and Hudak’s close associate Mike Harris also made the same promise in the 1990s. He ended up shutting down 28 Ontario hospitals and gave pink slips to thousands of healthcare workers. You simply don’t know where Tim’s axe is going to fall.

Outsource your jobs. Hudak’s conservatives will make it a lot easier for healthcare facilities to outsource your job to a private contractor. That means your employer will replace you with temporary workers who are paid less, earn less benefits, work unsteady hours, and probably don’t have a pension.

Don’t expect Tim Hudak to fight for issues that are important to healthcare workers. We expect Hudak will take the employer’s side concerning wages, pensions, job security, outsourcing, and other issues that are important to you. Make sure you vote either Liberal or NDP on June 12. Stop Hudak! Save Healthcare!

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