June Is Pride Month

June is Pride Month

June is Pride Month! In recognition of this celebratory month, SEIU Healthcare Executive Board Member Sebastian Gabriel Trujillo issued the following statement:

"SEIU Healthcare, like other unions across the country, has always worked to forward the rights of its LGBTQ2IS members, fighting for full and equitable participation of LGBTQ2IS workers and their families in workplaces and communities.

While significant gains have been made, LGBTQ2IS workers still face homophobia, transphobia and often violence in our workplaces. SEIU Healthcare promises to continue fighting to improve the lives of all of its members.

We encourage all of our members to get out this month and show their PRIDE! You can make a difference by showing your support for the LGBTQ2IS community.

In Solidarity,

Sebastian Gabriel Trujillo"

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