Let a Smile be Your Umbrella

Let a Smile by Your Umbrella

I want a title change. I would like to be the Chief Happiness Officer. Sounds far-fetched, but every workplace should have one, and in fact, the title does exist; just ask Alexander Kjerulf. Alex is the founder of Woohoo inc and one of the world's leading experts on happiness at work and has consulted for some of the world’s biggest brands. Be sure to check out his Chief Happiness Officer Blog.  

When it comes to grumpy attitudes at work, you have two options: change others' behaviour or change your own. Usually, the latter is easier, and is more the Canadian way.

Why should being happy at work be an option? It’s called work after all…

Studies show that happy employees are more productive, more innovative, more motivated, more energetic, and more optimistic. They are also less sick, stay with the company longer, and make the customers more loyal. For those reasons (and many others) happy companies make more money. But personally, I just don’t want to be miserable for more than a third of my day, nor do I want to be around others that do!

Studies also show that faking it until you make it; i.e. consciously removing the negativity from your frame of reference (this will take some work!), eliminating negative self-talk, and laughter yoga (really), can help break a pattern of negativity and offer some real health benefits.

We could all benefit personally from trying out these techniques, and the organizations we work for will benefit as well.

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