Local admin professionals keep hospitals running

SEIU Healthcare Administrative Professionals Day Lorna

Lorna Bray works in administration at the local Niagara Health System Greater Niagara General hospital in Niagara Falls. She’s marking Administrative Professionals Week along with her office colleagues and fellow members of SEIU Healthcare who help run the day-to-day operations of the hospital in an efficient yet compassionate way.

Known technically as a Ward Clerk, Lorna works with acute medical patients---sick and elderly people. Lorna describes her job as “very intense,” but she likes it. Ward Clerks prepare for admissions, transcribe doctor’s orders, make sure discharges go smoothly, and organize transfers.

"We work with all the other disciplines."

“We are the glue that binds it all together,” says Lorna. “The communication centre. We work with all the other disciplines. We try to keep up with what’s going on everywhere. On any given day I do staff scheduling for 100 employees.”

Lorna has been working at the hospital for 30 years, and has a lot of knowledge and experience from her time at GNG. Even so, it’s a tough role. “There is a large amount of doctor’s orders to process as well as scheduling staff and all the other little things that are required.”

When asked if she feels like admin professionals are undervalued, Lorna says that while she feels they are ultimately underpaid for the amount of responsibility they have, the hospital has been a good employer over the years and she has been happy working there.

Let’s help mark the end of Administrative Professionals week by saying a special “thank you” to the admin staff running the services we use every day.


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