Love, kindness, respect, and forgiveness

 Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

On a day where we celebrate love, it is important to remember and cherish the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada, our stolen sisters, whose lives were lost as a result of hatred. It is also important to show compassion towards families who have lost their loved ones.  

February 14 is the day of the Annual Women’s Memorial March. There are dozens of events coordinated across Canada and the United States.

Last September, a young survivor of a brutal physical attack that left her fighting for her life in Winnipeg’s Assiniboine River, made a call to action at the Assembly of First Nations.

It is haunting to know that behind Rinelle Harper’s shaking words is the chilling silence of those who cannot speak or will never speak again.

“As a survivor, I respectfully challenge you all to call for a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women.” – Rinelle Harper

Somehow, this has become a partisan issue, with the Conservative government of Canada rejecting calls from all corners for an inquiry into this tragic situation.

Rinelle has asked us to always keep in mind “love, kindness, respect, and forgiveness.” Wise words from a young woman. Will Canada one day do more to protect others like her?

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